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Smart Products USA Corporation (SP) has invented and designed a unique never before available line of antibacterial self-cleaning and sanitizing intelligent home products that will make current household products obsolete. Our products will appeal to the mass consumer and will be in every home, we will be leaders in creating an industry that did not exist before. With our products the consumer will live happier, healthier and safer lives; plus reduce housework in half. Smart Products USA Corporation will be part of a multi-billion dollar industry.

Our products span multiple consumer market including intelligent self-cleaning and sanitizing home goods; antibacterial food and water purification system, health and beauty aids, non-chemical organic green cleaning products for the home.

Smart Products USA Corporation’s unique use of 21st Century technology in their “Next Generation” brand products sets our company apart from any other companies. Combined with its marketing approach and distinguished management team expertise will make Smart Products Corporation the gold standard in antibacterial self-cleaning and sanitizing intelligent home products.

We are now in an age when consumers have become more and more health conscience and aware of the dangers we face every day of exposing ourselves and our family to life threatening germs bacteria and virus. Every day there are media reports on food recalls, food contaminated with EColi and salmonella, outbreaks of H1N1 (swine flu), MRSA, avion flu, harmful transfer of bacteria from cross contamination in our kitchens from knives and cutting boards; 50% of all food borne illness happen in the home.

The increase popularity of sanitizing products such as hand sanitizer wipes in supermarkets, hospitals, schools, office buildings, motion activated auto flush toilets, and automatic soap dispensers all demonstrate the need and awareness of antibacterial products.

Smart Products USA is dedicated to developing products that will protect consumers and their families from possibly acquiring a fatal microorganism and reduce housework in half.

The technologies we use in our products are currently being used by government hospitals and commercial industries to process, purify and sanitize our food and water supply; these products cost thousands of dollars. Smart Product USA Corporation unique use of our proprietary design technology allows us now to bring the same technology to consumer products at an affordable price. We look forward to bringing you more unique products in the near future.