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Bottled Water Purification Cap

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This is the first Bottled Water Purification Cap that sanitizes and disinfects bottled water with Ultra Violet Light (UV-C). It also disinfects the interior of the bottle when it’s empty so it can be reused without washing. The cap can be used up to 5000 bottles of water. The patent pending UV cap fits any size bottled water.
Studies have shown that most leading brands of bottled water contain more bacteria than tap water. More than 50% of all bottled water is derived from tap water. The other 50% of bottled water comes from wells that contain microorganisms; filters alone cannot filter out microorganisms. Bottled Spring Water is not regulated or inspected for bacteria by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) or EPA. The UV Purifying Cap gives you reliable drinking water in seconds, utilizing proven Ultra Violet Light (UV) technology to effectively neutralize 99.9% of microbiological contaminants including: Giardia, cryptosporidium, protozoa, water borne viruses , coliform, pathogens, bacteria, micro cysts, bird flu, E Coli, Ebola, bio terror weapons such as botulism, cholera, typhoid, cryptosporidium, legionnaire’s disease, staph, strep and many other germs. There are no microorganisms known to be resistant to UV light sterilization. Ultraviolet light is 20,000 times more efficient at killing microorganisms than boiling water, and 160 times faster than chemicals.

• The UV bottle cap allows you to fill your water bottle with ordinary tap water, well or any water source and purify and sterilize it with the UV Cap.
• A must for hiker and campers that might need to purify stream water.
• A must for overseas travelers to purify drinking water from hotel faucets, where drinking water is not purified.
• The UV cap stops germs from multiplying in the bottle. When bottled water is exposed to sunlight it begins to multiply germs especially when you’re ill, the UV cap eliminates having to buy bottled water, the UV cap stops you from re-contaminating yourself with your own germ.
• Aesthetically pleasing, great for restaurants, bars, clubs, sports stadiums, it’s a conversation starter.
• 100 billion dollars a year is spent on bottled water
• According to the American Medical Associated (AMA) people with weak immune systems should not drink bottled spring water because of the bacteria and microorganisms that could be present in the water; example, elderly, babies people who are sick, transplant patients, cancer, HIV, and hepatitis patients.
• The FDA and EPA recommend the use of ultra violet light (UV) to purify bottle water.
• Estimated retail price $19.99
• There are 200 billion bottles of water sold worldwide each year and 50 billion sold in the US.
• If .01% (One tenth of one percent) of U.S.A. bottled water users purchased the bottle water purifier cap sales would be 500million bottle caps sold X $19.99 revenue would be 100 million dollars.
• If .25% (One quarter of 1%) of bottled water users purchases the purifier cap, revenue would be 2.5 billion.